Haunted House 2024

Will you risk the night in our Haunted House?

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Hours for the Haunted House: Friday, Saturday: dusk- up to 2 hrs after dark

(Tickets must be purchased to go through even if no actors are inside.)

Tickets sold every 15 minutes


We welcome you out for a night of fun and screams! Bring your friends, significant other, class mates and be ready to enjoy a night.
Signed waivers are required by all who enter.
All ages are welcome to participate. We recommend 12 years and older. Once you enter you will be subject to fog, laser lights, strobe lights, realistic props, gore, actors who are trained to scare you, loud noises, machines and more. Entering the Haunted House you are agreeing to this knowledge.


Note: Once you buy your ticket there is absolutely no refunds,  even if you choose to not go in.


Foul language, destruction of property, touching actors, taunting actors, unkind behavior, commenting on bodies, or any unacceptable behaviors is ground for immediate removal from the haunted house.  This is meant to scare you but not at the cost of the actors. Have fun but be respectable!



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