Summer Fun

Beat the heat with water activities here on Fisher Family Farm

Hours: Mon, Thur, Fri & Sat (12-8 PM) Get your tickets online and save $2 per person.


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Are you brave enough to go down our giant slide?  NOTE: No JEANS or SHOES on slip and slide.

How about the Mud Slide?

Petting Zoo: We have Sheep & Goats named: Rosey, Lambert, Carmel, Fluffy top, Blizzard, Shy –  Cows: Rosemary & Cheeseburger and 2 Alpacas Tina & Chip

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Giant Pallet Maze: This is Hard for all who enter. Will you make it through the first time or have to do the walk of shame once you get lost? Only one way in and one way out.

Slide Hill: 7 Slides from all different sizes and speeds. A slide for everyone


Pony Rides:  These are at an additional cost of $7 per ride. If the ponies are not out you may ask for them to come out. If we are available to bring one out their is a set up charge of $25 with a minimum of 2 rides (totaling $39) You can rent out 1 hour time block for $100 and learn all about the ponies. This will take you from the pasture to brushing, hoof cleaning, saddling and riding. Depending on age we can teach you how to train the horses. Guests will not be given the rains and will be lead around by a farm employee.

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