Christmas – Deck The Halls Festival


Christmas 2024 Will be updated with dates as soon as we know when we will be open

Welcome to our Christmas Festival.  SANTA WILL BE ON THE FARM THE FOLLOWING DATES: December  2024 coming soon Santa is for paying guest only. Times are Around 5:30 – 7:15 pm  (If Santa is sick or cannot make it we will post it asap.)

Our Christmas event offers:

  1. Life size walk through nativity. With Jesus Christs entire life from birth to death. We focus on the Three inns, Manger, traveling of the three wise men, all his miracles, garden of gethsemane, the tomb (where you can roll the rock away to see he is risen) and the love wall. It’s a very interactive event that will help the kids touch, see, and hear all about the savior Jesus christ.
  2. Christmas light show with over 150,000 lights. You are able to walk through and see all the different trees, presents, and art work with lights. Our goal is to leave you speechless 🙂
  3. Farm activities -(free) Culvert Slides – Tractor tire town (play ground) Petting zoo, corn hole, community fire barrels
  4. Farm Activities that cost extra 1 ticket 1$: Horse rides 6 tickets (normally 5:30-7:15 pm ) Tractor train 1 ticket for the Drifter Carts and Snowball Cannon (check ticket page)

Come take Free Pictures with Santa (with paid entry)


The Grinch Shows his ugly face through out the event. We just never know when

Come pet the goats and sheep in the petting zoo


Take your own family photos inside of the manger.

  Sometimes even Disney princesses show up.

If our horses are up to giving rides, they are normally offered between 5-7 of the events. They will not be here the last week of the event in DEC 2023

Come see all the Gold Frankincense and Myrrh that were give to Jesus Christ from the Wise men.

This is the craft you will build during your time at Breakfast / Bruch with Santa. This Christmas tree will last a life time because its made out of real wood.