Gardening Classes 101

Join Us for our Gardening 101 Classes. This five-week Saturday morning course runs from 10-11 and starts February 3 and runs 5 weeks until March 2nd. Depending on popularly we may start a few different sessions of the classes at different times of the day. The cost is $125 for all 5 classes. If you come to a drop in class the cost is $35. If we don’t get a minimum of 5 students per class we have the right to cancel it.  Here is our outline:

Lesson 1: Soil, Fertilization, and Nutrient Management
– Covering the basics of soil composition, texture, and structure.
– Discussing the importance of understanding whether soil testing is necessary based on individual preferences and requirements.
– Exploring the role of organic matter and nutrient content for healthy plant growth, along with different types of fertilizers, their nutrient content, and application methods.

Lesson 2: Watering and Sprinkler Systems and types of gardening
– Exploring the importance of proper watering techniques and the benefits of using sprinkler systems.
– Discussing water requirements for different plants and how to design an efficient sprinkler system for your garden.
– Square foot garden – vertical gardening – Back to Eden

Lesson 3: Plant Selection and Companion Planting
– Focusing on selecting the right plants for your garden based on soil type, sunlight, and climate.
– Covering proper planting techniques and essential care practices for different types of plants.

Lesson 4: Garden Maintenance and Pruning
– Focusing on the art of pruning and maintaining healthy plants. We will be pruning several fruit trees we have in our 15 gallon buckets.
– Covering the benefits of pruning, proper pruning techniques for different plant types, and overall garden maintenance.

Lesson 5: Pest and Disease Management
– Addressing common garden pests and diseases and how to manage them effectively.
– Discussing organic pest control methods, disease prevention strategies, and the importance of monitoring plant health.

This series of lessons provides a well-rounded understanding of gardening, covering soil management, plant care, watering techniques, garden maintenance, and pest management.