Farm Schooling (Spring/Fall)

Hands-On Farm schooling Program – Cultivating Young Minds and Spirits**

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Our Farm-schooling / homeschooling program offers a unique blend of hands-on work, educational exploration, and fun play, providing children with a comprehensive learning experience. We will have base classes that we will teach and depending on the season we will will have different classes. We will be starting classes all year long.

Recommended Ages are from 4-11 If you have a 3 year old they must be accompanied by an adult during every class. 12 and older are welcome to come to the program but it is based for younger kids. If we get enough interest we will have a program just for older kids.


The classes will be 3 hours and follow this schedule.

Some times will differ depending or chores or what is being taught. The date you start your class will follow on the same day of the week and the same time. 

15 minutes before we start  AM Show up

15 minutes  Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, Name Tag, Pray

30 minutes  Work/Chores/education

30 minutes  Education

30 minutes  Lunch (due to allergies kids must pack their own lunch)

30 minutes   Education

30 minutes  Farm Fun 

 Find your Leader and get ready to go home 

** Core Classes: Working Hands – Embracing Farm Life**

– Introduction to Farming: Understanding farm chores, hands-on experience with basic farm tools.

– Animal Interaction: Learning to care for and interact with farm animals.

– Gardening Basics: Planting seeds, tending to crops, and understanding the farm-to-table process.

** Core classes: Educational Insights – Understanding Agriculture**

– Sustainable Farming: Exploring the importance of sustainable farming practices.

– Environmental Awareness: Learning about the impact of weather and climate on farm life.

– Plant and Animal Science: Gaining knowledge about plant growth, animal behavior, and the ecosystem.

Second set of classes

**Core classes : Outdoor Classroom – Nature’s Learning Environment**

– Plant Exploration: Identifying and learning about various plant species on the farm.

– Animal Studies: Observing and understanding the behavior of farm animals.

– Food Origins: Learning where our food comes from and the journey from farm to table.

**Core classes: From Work to Play – Exploration and Enjoyment**

– Farm Games: Engaging in fun, farm-themed games and challenges.

– Creative Expression: Expressing creativity through farm-related arts and crafts.

– Celebration: Culminating the program with a fun-filled farm celebration and sharing newfound knowledge with family.

By integrating the values of hard work, education, and play, our program aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature, foster a sense of responsibility, and ignite the joy of learning in every child. Join us for an experience that combines the best of work, education, and play in the heart of the farm!

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